Budget Adventures This Summer

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also” – Harriet Ann Jacobs

 After a wet, windy and chilly winter with temperatures reaching sub-zero levels at times, the summer spring has finally arrived in Manchester. With dried up branches showing signs of carrying beautiful buds which would blossom into myriad hues of colours in the near future, the atmosphere around the city is one of merriment and joy. People have started coming out of their coops and hibernation and have started enjoying quality time with friends and families sun-bathing in open gardens, pubs and restaurants. The sun rises early in the morning and stays late till the night. With the change of seasons, the spirit of the people is also changing from one filled with laziness and boredom to one with enthusiasm and adventurous.

Summers also mean summer vacations, travelling with friends and families and exploring new places. If you want to travel this summer for a short stay or even a one-day trip; but not too far from Manchester, then here are your options.



1.Leeds- situated at a distance of about 30 miles from Manchester, Leeds is a city with history, tradition and culture in every nook and corner. The famous University of Leeds has made the place well-known and well populated. Leeds also boasts of a strong heritage through its museums, galleries, docks and ancient ruins.

How to Reach?

By Bus: Megabus is a budget travel option with tickets costing less than £5/ person. (http://uk.megabus.com/)

By Train: Trainline travel with tickets costing £16.50/ person (https://goo.gl/cGJTt0)

Where to Stay?

Budget Hotel: Hotel ibis Budget Leeds Centre. (http://goo.gl/rmIhrp)

This hotel is very near to the city centre as well the Leeds bus and train station. It is accessible in every way. The room rates start at £26 per night with free Wi-Fi.

What to See?

There are a number of places to see in Leeds. The must see ones are:

Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey

Ruins of the Kirkstall Abbey (www.leeds.gov.uk/kirkstallAbbey) (Entry Free)

The Abbey Museum (www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsandgalleries/…/Abbey-House-Museum.aspx) (Entrance Fee: £2-£4)

Royal Armouries Museum (https://www.royalarmouries.org/visit-us/leeds/) (Entry Free)

Thackray Medical Museum (www.thackraymedicalmuseum.co.uk/) (Entrance Fee £7-£8)

Leeds City Museum (www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsandgalleries/Pages/Leeds-City-Museum.aspx) (Entry Free)

Total Budget: (Estimate)

Day Trip: £30

Overnight Trip: £60




2. Lake District, Windermere “Wordsworth said of the Lake District that there was ‘nowhere in so narrow a compass with such a variety of the sublime and beautiful’. Thirty-four miles across, the area boasts a breathtaking range of tarns, fells, forests and countless chic and cosy hotels to stay in.”-  http://www.cntraveller.com/guides/europe/england/lake-district/where-to-stay

If you want a cosy relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, then the Lake District is the perfect destination. This beautiful district features miles of sprawling natural beauty, fields, lush greenery and lakeside. At times, just sitting by the lake with a book or trying your luck at fishing makes a great family vacation.

How to Reach?

By Bus: Go Euro runs regular services connecting Manchester to Lake District. The bus tickets cost around £22. (http://www.goeuro.co.uk/)

By Car: It is a one and half hour journey from Manchester by car taking the M6 highway.

By Train: Direct trains run from Manchester Piccadilly to Windermere, Lake District. The journey costs £10.50 (https://goo.gl/zhJynT)

Windermere, Main Road

Windermere, Main Road

Where to Stay?

Hostels and Camps: For budget travellers or students, financially this is the best option. Sharing rooms cost around £20-£23 pounds depending on the type and availability (http://www.dmslakedistrict.co.uk/)

What to See?

Windermere is the perfect place to indulge in some outdoor activities. You can book in to trekking groups, or walking tours around the district. It is highly recommended to visit the lakeside and if possible to hop on a boat and explore the beautiful waters. That apart, activities like balloon flights, horse riding, golf, swimming and also encouraged. It is advisable to have a look at the official visitor information for booking activities in the following website http://www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/

Total Budget: (Estimate)

Day Trip: £20-25

Overnight Trip: £45-50


Backpool Tower and Beach

Backpool Tower and Beach

3.Blackpool is the perfect place to enjoy the beach and indulge in some natural tanning treatments. During the hot and humid summer, the cool beach side breeze and the sun comes to the rescue. Many take to building sand castles and sculptures, swimming in the sea or just enjoy sitting in the beach with a glass of cool drink. 

  How to Reach?

By Bus: Go Euro (www.goeuro.co.uk) services run from Manchester to Blackpool and vice versa everyday from £3 per heard. It takes around four hours to reach Blackpool.

By Train: Trainline (www.thetrainline.com) services run regularly from the Manchester Piccadilly station at £17.70 per head. It takes around an hour and a half to the destination.

Where to Stay?

Budget Hotels include Tiffany’s (http://www.tiffanyshotel.co.uk/) and Hotel 33 (uk.venere.com)

 What to See?

Blackpool Zoo -Not many cities near Manchester has a zoo and thus, the Blackpool zoo is an ideal attraction while travelling with children. The admission prices cost around £12-£15 pounds depending on whether it is booked online (http://www.blackpoolzoo.org.uk/) or in person.

Grundy Art Gallery – An art Gallery does not only put up paintings, sketches and sculptures, it puts up the interests of an era and displays parts of the heritage of the city. Admission is free for all in the gallery.

Theme Parks –Theme parks are a great way to spend family quality time. They also form part of the favourite children attractions. The theme parks in Blackpool include Blackpool Pleasure Beach complete with roller coaster rides and Sandcastle Water Park which provides the much-needed respite on hot summer days

Beaches – The beach is the main attraction of the city, although care has to be taken of the timings of the tide. Near the beach is the Blackpool Tower which is a must visit attraction of the city.

Total Budget: (Estimate)

Day Trip: £40-£45

Overnight Trip: £100



River Punting in Oxford

River Punting in Oxford

 4. Oxford- “There are more museums in Oxford than even the most cultured vulture can take in on a short break. The highlights include the iconic Ashmolean Museum (Beaumont Street); the Pitt Rivers (South Parks Road); the Museum of the History of Science (Broad Street); and the Museum of Oxford (St Aldate’s) to learn about the city’s rise to fame and fortune.”- http://www.wanderlust.co.uk

Oxford can well be called the city of the museums and galleries. A city which grew around the world-famous University of Oxford hosts a lot of activities for visitors and tourists all year around.

How to Reach?

By Bus: Go Euro runs regular services to and fro both cities. Tickets start from around £30. (www.goeuro.co.uk)

By Train: Trainline runs regular train services per day with prices starting from £73

Where to Stay?

The holiday Inn Express is the budget hotel in the city centre. More details can be found at the official website in http://www.ihg.com/

Christ Church Oxford

Christ Church Oxford

What to See?

The best way to see Oxford is on foot and on water. While one can take a leisurely walk around the city centre and exploring the museums, galleries and churches; one can alternately take to river punting and see Oxford through a new perspective. Some must visit places include Bodlien Library, Sheldonian Theatre, Radcliffe Camera, University of Oxford, Oxford Museum of History and Science, Museum of Oxford, The Headington Shark Sculpture and Story Museum.

Total Budget: (Estimate)

Day Trip: £60

Overnight Trip: £200


Liverpool Docks

Liverpool Docks

5. Liverpool- This port city is the epicentre of two major happenings in history – The sailing of the Titanic and the rise of the Beatles. Thus, it is an absolute must-visit when in the UK. With museums, Liverpool docks, shopping malls and pubs within a walking distance of each other, the city is great for both day trips and overnight trips. 

 How to Reach?

By Bus: Megabus runs direct coaches daily from Manchester to Liverpool and vice versa starting from £1.50p (https://uk.megabus.com)

By Train: The train line runs regular services which takes you Liverpool in an hour. They cost £3 one-way and £12.50 open return. (https://www.thetrainline.com/)

Where to Stay?

The Tune Hotel in the City Centre is the best budget hotel in an area close to the train station and the docks. The room rates cost about £34 per night. For more details check out the official website at (http://www.tunehotels.com/)

What to See?

Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street

A short walk from the Liverpool Lime Street Station is the main attraction of the city –The Albert Docks (www.albertdock.com). Surrounding this dock area are the major attractions of the city – The Liverpool Museum, The Merseyside Maritime Museum, The Museum of International Slavery, The Liverpool Eye and the TATE Museum of Modern Art. All of these museums have free entry. For a one day trip, this is the perfect place to be in. There are many street food joints and eateries near the dock area. The shopping centre is also a short walk from the docks and can be easily reached.

The Conde Nast Traveller especially recommends the Liverpool Museum for its unique collection of the city’s history and culture. “Located on the city’s waterfront by the famous Albert Docks, the first national museum in the world that is devoted to the history of a regional city . . . . . Over 6,000 objects will be showcased across the museum’s three floors. Many of these items have never been on public display before and range in antiquity from the ice age to the present day.”http://www.cntraveller.com/news/2011/july/museum-of-liverpool

Additional places to visit would be the Beatles Museum and the Cavern Pub. The Liverpool Cathedral is also a beauty worth visiting.

Total Budget: (Estimate)

Day Trip: £20

Overnight Trip: £50


These are some of the best places to visit this summer with your friends and family. They are also great for group travellers or even solo travel. Thus, this summer take out your adventure boots and backpacks and start exploring the world away. . . . .



Virunga : A Documentary by Orlando von Einsiedel

                                  Virunga – Official Trailer 2014 from Grain Media on Vimeo


Baby gorilla with caretaker

Virunga, a documentary made on the Virunga National Park in Congo defines the beautiful relationship between humans and gorillas. The Park is the only surviving natural habitat to around 800 mountain gorillas. These beautiful beasts have become victims of hunting and poaching and many are mercilessly killed each year. Their children are often left orphaned and have to fend for themselves in this world. However, the Virunga National Park houses a Gorilla orphanage within its boundaries. The caretakers of this orphanage consider the animals to be their family; and come what may stands beside them through thick or thin. They act as parents to the gorillas, so that they do not feel lonely or abandoned in this world.However, due to the recent discovery of oil in Lake Edward, the boundaries of this park are being threatened. This would mean that the gorillas and all other wild animals that peacefully live in this park would be prone to environmental hazards and other illegal activities like poaching.

Furthermore, the M23 rebels are threatening Congo into a revolution. Though this would not directly affect the park, but one never knows the mindset of rebels and thus the park authorities secretly prepare for defence. This would also mean panic, havoc and mass evacuation of the people in the nearby cities. The aggressiveness of this political situation was beautifully investigated by a freelance undercover and investigative journalist.

Interestingly, the documentary was to be made to promote tourism in Congo. Gorilla Tourism is one of the most important methods of earning revenue in this region. But the political outbreaks in the city could not be ignored as well and thus, the documentary went on to cover politics and environment both. In fact, the director suitably blends both the circumstances to highlight how political unrests affect wildlife and its disastrous consequences on nature and mankind.


A Still from the movie

I would personally recommend everyone to watch the movie. Its cinematography enthralled me for the entire duration of the movie (100 minutes). The beautifully captured landscape of the Virunga National Park embeds itself in our minds as a never-to-be-forgotten photograph. The rangers, who play the most important part in protecting the park, lead a life, not less than the army. Their lives are threatened all the time to be killed by political groups or poacher groups. Above all, the gorillas themselves win over the audience with their large expressive black eyes and their helplessness towards the cruelty of mankind.

On the other hand, being a journalism student, the tactics of the investigative journalist was of special interest to me. However brave the journalist was, as an audience one still felt sceptical of her ways and feared for her life and safety. To be honest, it is not easy being an undercover journalist and certainly not in an area torn apart by political unrest.

Virunga has received innumerable nominations at prestigious awards including the Academy Awards and the BAFTA. It is also the recipient of the Peabody Award and the feature documentary Award at the DOXA among many others.

Virunga_National_Park_GorillaThis documentary is an eye opener to the greed of mankind. This greed knows no bounds. It has lost the rationale of right and wrong. Man does not think twice before harming nature; the very planet they live in. Virunga is a documentary of only one national Park, but there are innumerable national parks and wildlife sanctuaries spread across the world who are experiencing the same fate. It is a call for mankind to realise their mistakes and take a step back. For if the world is not protected now, there might not be a world left in the future.

Politics, Youth and Social Media

A very interesting topic was taken up as part of my academic module in my class today. It was politics. Having been a student of politics, not so long ago, this grabbed my attention. Although lets be honest, my area of specialist journalism is far from politics, well so I thought so, till today’s class. Without beating around the bush I would come straight to the point. Two really interesting and important questions caught my attention.

  1. How has social media affected political behaviour of the citizens?
  2. What does political reporting encompass?

These two questions, in itself, are two highly debatable areas.

Social media has definitely affected political behaviour. This statement holds true and can hardly be strongly challenged. However, social Media is responsible for what we can call virtual politics rather than physical politics. This, I speak looking at the international scenario. To be very honest, today’s youth especially those aged between 18 to 30 are mostly interested in their own lives, celebrities, culture and arts. Have they got any time for hardcore politics amidst their daily schedule? But, with the presence of social media and mobile apps they have the headlines of day to day global, national and regional politics in their fingertips. Social Media primarily does the work of informing, educating and making the youth politically aware of the situation.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been highly used for sharing political views and arguments. Nearly every little meeting, talks, strikes, political elections or activities are discussed world over through these platforms.

“Popular discourse has focused on the use of social media by the Obama campaigns,” Boulianne concludes. “While these campaigns may have revolutionized aspects of election campaigning online, such as gathering donations, the metadata provide little evidence that the social media aspects of the campaigns were successful in changing people’s levels of participation. In other words, the greater use of social media did not affect people’s likelihood of voting or participating in the campaign.”

Source: http://journalistsresource.org/studies/politics/digital-democracy/social-media-influence-politics-participation-engagement-meta-analysis

Political blogs are rising over the years. Youths who have their political opinions find it very easy to put them forward to the world through blogs. That apart, online petition, surveys, propaganda are also gaining grounds. In fact, all of these increase to a great level just before any political elections. They have become part and parcel of what is commonly called as modern day E-Democracy.


Photo Courtesy: http://www.slideshare.net (http://goo.gl/ZxcW7z)

With such examples it is clear that globally youths are educated and informed about politics through the use of social media but does this information ultimately culminate into voting behaviour in all scenarios?  This is an important question which needs answering. Only thorough research in this field and time can give an answer to this question.

Coming to the second question of what does politics encompass; well the answer is everything. Everything that one does or happens around an individual is directly or indirectly linked to politics. But it doesn’t mean that everything comes under political reporting. I would personally say that everything around us has political linkage but everything around us in NOT political reporting. Say for instance, what is printed inside prescribed school text books might have political connections; but if a student does not score well in the exam, it is not political reporting.

The above opinions are purely mine and you are more than welcome to disagree. I would however, love to know about your opinions as well so please  do drop by and leave a comment on what you think is the role of social media in shaping up the political future among the youths.

DIY Cards For Christmas

xmas tree info

With Christmas knocking on your doorstep, you must be busy in your last minute shopping for your near and dear ones. But what about friends and relatives who mean a lot to you, but are miles apart ? A simple hand made card from your end, matters to them than a thousand expensive gifts sent by you. It tells them that you still remember, care  and have a place in your heart for them. Here are some really easy card ideas that you can implement and make pretty cards for your friends and families.

card 2

All you need to make this card are some really pretty buttons. Never mind if they are not all of the same colour and size.


You can play around with your finger print reindeers and later draw the features with a felt pen. If you want you can either paste real bows or draw them with coloured felt pens to make your reindeers look handsome.


With an array of different colours on your fingers, it might tend to become quite messy, it is better to make sure that one design dries off completely before starting another design. You can draw on the black curved line or paste a black thread instead.


During Christmas you get to see many different types of wreaths.But why not make your own wreath card?

Manchester : The City of Talent

Usually when I go to Market Street, it is for work purpose. But today when I went there for shopping something amazing greeted me. This lady (watch the video) blew my mind and those of many others with her amazing vocal skills. I have seen people perfoming illusional tricks, playing various instruments and singing in the streets before, but her vocal qualities were very different. Here, let me tell you I have seen her perform twice and this video was made on my second visit. What she does with her vocal chords have a unique beat and tempo which makes everyone around her drawn towards her performance. I was’nt the only one who recorded her amazing performance.

Here, is a short video which explains her talent further.

The Beauty of Wilderness

How many times in a day do you really try to close your eyes and take in the atmosphere around you? Well, for most of us including me the answer would be zero times. But today when I got a chance to go to Pomona Island, it was like contemplating life once again. Most of the times, I engage into writing travel posts directing people what they would find in a place, but this post would probably reflect my inner contemplations, a state of self realisation that I had in Pomona Island.


The land is nothing but wilderness with wild grasses, flowers and buds growing in irregular zigzag positions throughout the land. In the midst of this wilderness runs an almost empty road which is extremely lucky to get a few visitors throughout the day. Apart from humans, it mostly cherishes the visits of its four-legged friends. The huge chunks of rocks are abstractly designed by graffiti’s. Nevertheless,it is a widely deserted place at the backdrop of a developing city.


Photo Courtesy: Dimple Meera Jom



It is indeed interesting to just stand in the middle of the road and notice your surroundings. The first observation that you make is the beauty of wilderness in front of a heavily developing city with construction cranes rising up as overhauling towers. Quite faintly and after certain intervals of time, you can hear the rushing of the tram wheels. The heavy winds blowing past you and hitting the trees that line  road makes a rustling sound that instantly hits your ears. Sometimes, when the velocity of the wind is too high you might notice a blanket of dried chestnut leaves floating in front of you or behind you before ultimately hitting the road where it would lie till eternity, being trodden on, or till one of the wind blowers moves it aside.

My visit to Pomona Island is a feeling similar to what one achieves when meditating in a silent room. It is an environment which is much desired once in a while but is mostly not accessible due to the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. But here was a place lying in the heart of the city which can make you enjoy the beauty of wilderness and bask in the music of silence. This is a place which should be cherished and looked up to every time one needs a little bit of ‘me time’.

However, on the flip side Pomona Island is also having a long drawn controversy between people who want the wilderness to stay the way it is and those who would prefer to invest in developing the area so that it is fit for human residence. Both have their own pros and cons, and it yet to be seen who wins. But till then, it is a really great idea to visit the place and enjoy the beauty that it portrays in nothingness.

Sometimes, doing nothing and just admiring your surroundings does you a lot of good.

Stepping out of the well, Manchester Homeless Crisis

Anyone who has walked through the streets of Manchester will have noticed that our city is, and has been for a while now, in a serious homeless crisis. With Halloween that just passed and Christmas round the corner, many mancunians are now getting ready for a festive end of 2015. Unfortunately for an increasing number of people, this coming winter will just be a long challenge for survival.

Probably entire libraries of books have been written already on the origins of such a phenomenon in our modern societies, but nevertheless the problem persists and nobody knows how many will die this winter in our very streets.

The range of reasons which can lead to homelessness is large and varied but ultimately it often leads to very sad stories. The process of ending in the streets is like a long, painful fall into a deep well. Once you reach the bottom, you could think things won’t go any lower, but in reality it is only the beginning of a journey on one of the only two paths available: stay and die in this well or try to pull whatever resources and strength that might be left in an attempt to get out of it. In any cases, both directions will lead to a person’s greatest life-changing experience.

Regardless of the so-called technologically advanced world- that is our modern society, whatever the number of so-called development and assistance programs our governments run, many will just inevitably get pulled toward the first path. And how could they be blamed? The circumstances, which led to the fall into the well, would have often strained to the maximum the resources and strengths of the person. Once at the bottom, totally dried out of any sort of possibilities to even attempt to get out of that situation, many will let destiny decide what to happen next.

And then there are those who once at the bottom, luckily, still find a way to pull together whatever is left of hope, will or even faith. During this long, never-ending, journey toward the ultimate goal of getting out of this deep well, every steps will be as difficult and painful as the next one. Sometimes, even personal will and strength is not enough, often one will feel to even abandon. In other times, the smallest external intervention of mercy and compassion can prove decisive. It could take just that little gesture from one person, compassionate enough to come and help, to throw a rope into the well and get him or her out. The question is: Can we be that compassionate person? And if yes, how can we go about it?

Well, all around the country, there are already a great number of people who have come together and decided to act, to be that person who comes and throws a ray of hope. The number of organisations trying to help homeless people is ever increasing, in all major cities. In a way it is unfortunate as it shows the direction our so-called liberal societies are taking. On the other hand, these NGOs, charities and volunteer groups are the last line of defence for our civilisation to remain in the realm of love, mercy and compassion, basic characters of humanity.

In Manchester, one of them, The Homeless Hub, has been working for years now to maintain this last ligne of hope for the ever increasing number of homeless people our city bears.

The Homeless Hub describes its mission as follow:

Our mission is to bring change to the lives of those we touch by creating opportunities for the marginalised and disengaged to change their lives. We work with the homeless and the marginalised across Manchester. We want to change our world. We are not afraid to lead the way and challenge the status quo.

The organisation operates a variety of projects and events, including food banks and street feeds. Wether you think you could participate in person to distribute hot food, drinks and clothes or help by giving a small financial donation, please, remember that no matter how small you think your help is, it could be that one crucial step taking one man or woman out of the well.

If you think you could help in any way, please visit The Homeless Hub now and register your interest.

DIY Pumpkin Treats For This Halloween

Halloween is knocking on your doorstep and the tradition of having a Jack-O-Lantern must be maintained. But this year, you can add your own twist to these pumpkin decors. Traditionally, it has always been a glowing pumpkin with sinister- looking eyes and mouth carved out of it. With Change being constant in this world and everyone going through a transformation, this age- old Jack-O-Lanterns can also get a transformation. Don’t you think so? Have a look at these simple DIY Pumpkin Décor Ideas for Halloween this year.

1.Pumpkin Table Decors

You can have few small fake pumpkins. Make a cut halfway through both the sides. Take a black paper and cut out shapes of bat wings. Insert these shapes in the cut out edges of the pumpkin. Alternatively, you can try it with a huge pumpkin and present it to your guests (for dinner). Further, you can actually slice off the top of the pumpkin so that you get a hollow basket of sorts where you can put in some treats and chocolates for the children.

2. Shadow Pumpkin Bat Trails


Take two pumpkins. Colour one white and the other black. Cut out some bat shapes from white and black papers. Paste black bat shapes on white pumpkins and vice versa. Now you will be left with Bats on a Pumpkin!

3. Painted Pumpkin House.


Paint a house on the pumpkin with black paint and make sure you distinctly highlight the windows and doors. Fit in lights inside the pumpkin. Now you have your own Glowing House. You can also create few more of these painted house pumpkins and position them nearby forming your own Glowing Pumpkin city.

4. Mummy Pumpkin


Take a Pumpkin and wrap it with white bandage so that it resembles an Egyptian mummy. Take artificial eyes and glue them onto the bandage. With a black marker draw a small mouth. Now your Pumpkin Mummy is all ready!

5. The Masked Pumpkin.



Take a magazine or a newspaper and cut out eyes in proportion of your pumpkin. Take a black cardboard / chart paper and cut out the shape of an eye mask. Glue the eyes on to the pumpkin. Then paste the mask cut out. Decorate the mask with sequins, stars, glitters, feather sticks etc. You can also paste elastic from the mask extending to the back to make it look like a real mask. Cut out lips from a magazine or draw them onto the pumpkin to complete your Masked Pumpkins.

I have personally tried some of these ideas. They are simple yet effective decors for this Season. This being my first Halloween , I want to keep it  simple yet something that goes well with the theme and off course should not consume much time and materials.

Do try some of these ideas and let me know if they worked for you.

More until next time!

Invitations for Christmas Markets


Christmas holds a special place in everybody’s lives. Preparation for Christmas starts at least a month before the actual date. A long list of gifts and presents to be bought for near and dear ones is prepared. Most importantly you try to take some time off from your busy schedules to visit the lovely Christmas markets which run for a month starting in November. These Christmas markets are a treat to the eyes. From eatery stalls to lovely home-made xmas décor stalls- everything is found under one roof. This year the popular Christmas Arts and Crafts market is accepting application for opening your own stall. Want more details ? Read on. . . . .


St. Clements church


28 November 11 am -4:30 pm


All you have to do to get a stall is write to the organisers with a purpose statement of putting up your items within 50 words. There is availability of stalls outside the venue too. However, the stall owners would be responsible for protection of their stalls against the uncertain weather conditions.


The deadline for submitting your statement of purpose is 23rd October 2015. All those submitting their SOP are likely to get a message of confirmation by the 31st of October and by 10th of November a payment of £30 per stall needs to be made.

Additional Information

  1. The products that are to be sold must be strictly hand-made or hand-crafted.
  2. Since only the ground floor of the church is available for the market, there is a space crunch. While it is easier to get a stall outside, those getting a stall inside will be decided after close examination of all the statements received. This is done to accommodate without compromising the quality and standards of the market products.
  3. Tables are not provided in this event. So stall owners should be ready to arrange for tables on their own.
  4. The proceeds of this event would be solely going to charity and for the next year’s event.
  5. For more information and additional queries you can always check their official site at http://www.chorltonartsfestival.com/news/christmas-arts-and-crafts-market-application/


Christmas is a festival of joy and giving and it certainly would do some good to gift hand made items to near and dear ones. So all those youngsters out there who have artistic talent and would like to share some of it with the people to make this festival all the more special for them, this is your chance!

Calling Photo-voters for the 2016 Calendar

Photography is a mixture of both art and science.

It is the capturing of a moment in time.

It is the reflection of one’s vision on digital frames.

It is also the beauty of time, space, people and place.

This very beauty has been reflected by the final photographs that have been selected by the Manchester Evening News as their finalists to make an appearance in the next year’s calendar. Some of the photographs are stunningly beautiful and define the very essence of the city. The images reflect the myriad hues that the city basks in every morning and night.

All these images are winners in themselves and each photographer deserves praise for their perfect capturing of the moment. But as a year has only 12 months, only the top voted pictures would make it to the final.

Wondering which images would be featured? Well, it is time that you stop wondering and start playing your part in the making of the calendar. Your vote can actually decide which photographs would feature in the calendar. Moreover, you could get a chance to get a free calendar by collecting tokens.

Voting lines are open only till the 22 of October 2015. So do not waste a moment and start voting for your favourite images at http://goo.gl/ZW3jlW.

I would end this post with a photo that was taken by me with the promise that more photos would be coming in the days to come.