The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)




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As told before,  every month I would try to publish a post which would have only photographs based on a certain theme. Well, this months post is based on the scenery of the city. These shots have been taken at different places and during different times of the day. The beautiful colours of the Autumn adds a special touch to the scene which , makes it look almost like a painting.


Taken outside the City Council, Manchester , this particular empty bench signifies a lot of things. With cold winds blowing outside and the golden beige leaves of the chestnut lining the surroundings the empty bench signifies a vast space of emptiness amidst the hustle and bustle of the city life .

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To be very honest, this is a random photograph taken out of the window of a bus. I would probably not be able to tell you which place was it taken in, but all I know is that red bulbs in the green foliage adds colour to the mundane white and brownish background.


Taken right outside the Museum of Industry and Science on a beautiful evening, this photograph captures the various colours of leaves (on and off the trees) amidst a residential locality.


Chapel Street, is not only a historic place in Manchester but it is right outside the University of Salford. It is said that Chapel Street was the first street to inaugurate street lights in the city.


Taken outside another random locality, the contrast between the sharp orange, red and brownish colours against a much lighter greenish-grey background stands up well in portraying the beauty of this place.


A path that leads to somewhere (I am not sure where though). I just liked the way it curves around  at a distance making you wonder what it holds for you beyond the horizon on the other side.


Life can survive anywhere in this world. This photo taken near a barren construction site reminds me of the beauty of nature and the power of life to be able to survive anywhere making the most barren place , a beauty to look at.