MediaCityUK: A Traveller’s Guide



The most promising feature of the Salford Quays are the towering buildings of the MediaCityUK which appears to be like an old watch tower of the entire property. Salford Quays, the erstwhile dockyard has now been re-shaped beautifully to accommodate the docks, MediaCity, The Imperial War Museum and The Lowry Outlet Mall. Often for a first time visitor, the Quays may seem almost like a different ‘different planet’.


Resembling a self-sustaining unit in the middle of the Manchester, the Quays has earned name and fame as a popular tourist destination. It is well connected with the city centre via regularly plying trams and buses. In fact, the Holiday Inn provides for a great overnight stay in the Quays. The temperature varies depending on the weather. However, due to the presence of water bodies, the area can be very cold and windy, especially after sunset.  Thus one should be equipped with warm clothes, sturdy shoes and an umbrella at all times.

What to see?  


View from the Vertical Bridge


View of MediaCity From the Bank


View from the Bridge


View from the Bridge

The Manchester Ship Canal, an extension of the River Irwell flows right through the Quays. On the left bank, it has two over bridges running through it to cross over to the Museum. However, the over-bridges can be a bit shaky due to the force of the winds and safety should be maintained at all times. Running below the bridges are the Mersey Ferries which regularly ply bringing tourists and locals to this side of the city. Interestingly, the vertical bridges even open up (much to the irritation of the hovering seagulls) to let the ferries pass underneath it. On the right bank of the canal, an intelligently manufactured piece of water body is used as a swimming pool. Often during the day, one can see people taking their children on prams and dogs on leash around the bank for a lovely walk.


The Imperial War Museum

The nearby attractions would include the Imperial War Museum. This museum exhibits a well collected permanent display of the remains and memories of the World Wars. There are many temporary exhibitions held as well. It is advisable to check with the website or the reception of the museum to find out about the exhibitions so as to not miss any interesting ones.


The itv

Although prior permission is required to visit the BBC Studios , the ITV and Sky News, if one would like to opt for a tour then it must be booked well in advance directly though their official websites. Otherwise, one can always look at the studios from outside while taking a walk across the property.



The Lowry Outlet Mall

The Lowry Outlet and Shopping Mall fulfils all the requirements of a ‘shopping therapy’. From clothes and accessories to electronics, sports equipment, and food everything is available under one roof. Alternately, if one would like to try out different cuisines then the nearby Marco’s, CAU, Nando’s and WagaMama are restaurants to look out for. Bars and Cafes like Pret, Dockyard and Booths are also great for budget meals.


Though MediaCity does not boast of a nightlife enthused with the lights and tunes of a discotheque, what it surely does boast of is the beautiful panoramic view of the whole place. Witnessing the sheer beauty of the place from the rooftop of the hotel, apartment buildings or even standing on the bridges (not for long though) would uphold the worth of coming to this place.


Photo By: Julia Reinert (


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