DIY Pumpkin Treats For This Halloween

Halloween is knocking on your doorstep and the tradition of having a Jack-O-Lantern must be maintained. But this year, you can add your own twist to these pumpkin decors. Traditionally, it has always been a glowing pumpkin with sinister- looking eyes and mouth carved out of it. With Change being constant in this world and everyone going through a transformation, this age- old Jack-O-Lanterns can also get a transformation. Don’t you think so? Have a look at these simple DIY Pumpkin Décor Ideas for Halloween this year.

1.Pumpkin Table Decors

You can have few small fake pumpkins. Make a cut halfway through both the sides. Take a black paper and cut out shapes of bat wings. Insert these shapes in the cut out edges of the pumpkin. Alternatively, you can try it with a huge pumpkin and present it to your guests (for dinner). Further, you can actually slice off the top of the pumpkin so that you get a hollow basket of sorts where you can put in some treats and chocolates for the children.

2. Shadow Pumpkin Bat Trails


Take two pumpkins. Colour one white and the other black. Cut out some bat shapes from white and black papers. Paste black bat shapes on white pumpkins and vice versa. Now you will be left with Bats on a Pumpkin!

3. Painted Pumpkin House.


Paint a house on the pumpkin with black paint and make sure you distinctly highlight the windows and doors. Fit in lights inside the pumpkin. Now you have your own Glowing House. You can also create few more of these painted house pumpkins and position them nearby forming your own Glowing Pumpkin city.

4. Mummy Pumpkin


Take a Pumpkin and wrap it with white bandage so that it resembles an Egyptian mummy. Take artificial eyes and glue them onto the bandage. With a black marker draw a small mouth. Now your Pumpkin Mummy is all ready!

5. The Masked Pumpkin.



Take a magazine or a newspaper and cut out eyes in proportion of your pumpkin. Take a black cardboard / chart paper and cut out the shape of an eye mask. Glue the eyes on to the pumpkin. Then paste the mask cut out. Decorate the mask with sequins, stars, glitters, feather sticks etc. You can also paste elastic from the mask extending to the back to make it look like a real mask. Cut out lips from a magazine or draw them onto the pumpkin to complete your Masked Pumpkins.

I have personally tried some of these ideas. They are simple yet effective decors for this Season. This being my first Halloween , I want to keep it  simple yet something that goes well with the theme and off course should not consume much time and materials.

Do try some of these ideas and let me know if they worked for you.

More until next time!


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